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What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?
We have four shipping rates dependant on your location; UK mainland exc. Scottish Highlands Under £75- £5.99 Over £75- Free Offshore UK inc. Scottish Highlands Under £75- £14.99 Over £75- £9.99
Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?
For your peace of mind we only accept Paypal the most used online payment processing solution. You don't need to have an account to shop with us and we have no access to your payment details. Paypal accepts all major credit and debit cards.
How long will delivery take?
Most of our catalog will ship to you within 5-7 working days. there are some products that ship quicker then this and some that take longer. Our dispatch times are clearly stated on each product page however if you need your order faster please call us on 01908 671850. If your order contains products with different dispatch times please take the longest time as we will ship your order together as one.
How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?
Our website never holds your payment details. All payment details are held by Paypal one of the world's largest payment processors.
What exactly happens after ordering?
After you click pay you will receive an email from us to say we have received your order. You will receive another when we ship your item or if there is any delays. If your included your mobile phone number with your order you will get a text on the morning of delivery with a one hour delivery slot from our courier, so no need to stay in all day. If you purchase a product on backorder we will email you with an estimated delivery date when we process your order.
Do I receive an invoice for my order?
You will receive an invoice both in the box with your order and at your account page after you login. This can be downloaded in PDF format and printed if needed.
What is a Lumen?
A lumen is a standard unit of light as it is perceived to the human eye. Essentially it will tell you how bright something is, unlike a watt, which is actually a measurement of energy consumption or output. Lumens are now the standard unit for measuring the amount of light produced by a light source. And the higher the lumens, the brighter the light.
LED or Incandescent. Which is more efficient?
A standard LED lamp will produce approx. 80 lumens per watt, compared to a standard incandescent lamp which only produces around 15 lumens per watt. This makes LED lighting much more energy efficient, producing the same output as traditional lighting with a fraction of the power. With incandescent bulbs 90% of the energy used is output as heat with only 10% emitted as light. With LED very little energy is
What do you mean by Kelvin?
Kelvin is the colour temperature of a product. It is a linear scale of measurement for the colour of light. Measured in degrees Kelvin, cool white is measured in higher numbers and warm light in lower numbers. Cool white is ideal for task-orientated areas like kitchens and bathrooms, whereas warm white helps to create a cosy atmosphere that is more suited to bedrooms and living areas.
Can I change my bulbs to LED?
LED bulbs can be retro-fit into most light fittings as an energy efficient and longer lasting alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs.
What does IP rated mean?
image001IP rated means the Ingress Protection rating of your fitting, the following is a guideline of some of the ratings you might see throughout our catalogue.
Which bulb should I use?
image004There are many pro’s and con’s for all bulb types and you can find out more information from our blog post about bulb types. Here is a quick and easy guide to the difference between the bulb type in terms of energy used and light given.