Sensory and Mood Lighting

World Autism Awareness Day: 2nd April 2018


Sensory Lighting

Many people on the Autistic Spectrum have increased sensory processing issues. This may result in the world around them becoming scary and confusing. Sensory Lighting is effective in helping to combat this, what we once thought of as novelty items have proved to be effective in having a calming effect and allowing a child to focus their attention when they are feeling overwhelmed. Sensory Lighting helps to relax the senses and aid concentration. There are many types of sensory lighting available, from bubble lamps and lava lamps to fibre optic toys. Most are colour changing and will cycle through the colours, engaging the user. Some sensory light aids also use the sound of water to help captivate their audience and promote calming. Sensory lighting is especially effective when teamed with mood lighting.



 Mood Lighting

Different types of light can have different effects on the human body. For instance red light can increase the heart rate whilst blue light can lift the mood and increase focus and concentration. Harsh lighting, especially fluorescent lighting can be distracting and upsetting to many with sensory issues. Adjustable lighting will efficiently switch from task to ambient lighting or even colour lighting. It also usually comes with a dimming option meaning you can find the perfect light level for every activity. Having the right light is very important to help promote healthy sleeping and can help regulate moods.




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