Tiffany Lighting

Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933)

The History of Tiffany Lighting

Louis Comfort Tiffany, one of America’s most applauded artists and a pioneer of the Art Nouveau style, was born in New York in 1848 to Charles Lewis Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany & Co., the highly respected jewellery retailer.

Louis C Tiffany made his impressive mark on the art scene by designing stained glass windows, lamps, mosaics and other fine decorative jewellery.

He was incredibly innovative and originally came up with the idea to amalgamate pieces of discarded glass from their high quality stained glass window production to form beautiful decorative lamps, which are recognised for their intricacy of design and superb quality of coloured glass. After meeting him whilst installing Tiffany lamps in a movie theatre, Tiffany worked closely with Thomas Edison to develop Tiffany lamps with electric fixtures. The very first Tiffany lamps were very geometric in design and are usually referred to as Favrile, deriving from the word fabrile meaning ‘handcrafted’.

Favrile glass is an iridescent art glass that differs from most other iridescent glasses in that the colour is ingrained into the glass itself. It is under the name ‘Favrile’ which Tiffany patented the design in 1894.

Tiffany Light Designs

As Tiffany lamps became ever more fashionable during the 1900s, Tiffany hired workers to work on designs and glass cutting. Clara Driscoll was one example of these workers who succeeded in becoming the designer of many of Tiffany’s most popular designs such as Dragonfly, Wisteria, Peony and the Daffodil – designs which are currently prevalent as ever.

Tiffany lighting has since evolved and designs from floral to mosaics, Aztec and lattice designs through to novel animals have supplemented the infinite Tiffany lighting ranges.


Affordable Tiffany Lights in Your Home

Tiffany lighting has been popular for many decades, predominately due to its fabulous design and versatility – each piece looks stunning wherever you position it. With the vast array of colours and designs available, whether your preference is modern or traditional, simple and unembellished or elaborately decorated there is a style and shade that will complement your colour scheme and decor.

directlight bring you a comprehensive range of affordable, superb quality reproduction Tiffany lamps and lighting, much of which is hand-manufactured following Louis Tiffany traditional methods used at the beginning of the electric light era. Original pieces are valuable collector items and only available to the select few.

Tiffany Ranges

Our range of Tiffany table lamps, Tiffany floor lamps, Tiffany hanging pendants, (including non-electric shades), Tiffany wall lights and Tiffany ceiling uplighters are available in numerous corresponding designs and colours, which are sure to provide a warm and rich lighting ambience in your home.

Many of the designs are available in a number of different sizes to enable matching sets to be built up over time. Shades generally range from 8″ to 20″ in diameter.

In addition to the above pieces Tiffany sundries such as, antique finish cast bases (of both table lamps and floor lamps), harps in 4 sizes and the harp stirrup are also obtainable.

We are always developing our Tiffany light range in order to provide you with as extensive a collection as possible from which you can select the perfect piece for you and your home.

Unique Handcrafted Design

It is important to remember when choosing Tiffany lamps that each piece is handcrafted and therefore no two lamps will be identical, thus ensuring you receive an invaluable and unique piece. There may be slight variations in the marbling or the hue of the glass which is customary of handmade products.